We, Jana and Josef, live in a small town close to Prague in Czech Republic, in a family house with garden.

The first French bulldog Apollo, alias Bob, came to us in 2005 as a friend to our Persian cats, whose Jana bred for more than   25 years. Jana’s cats were regularly winning cat shows and competitions; Aglaos Cats was awarded The Best Cattery of the Czech Republic in 2000.

Later on, a female joint our first male. Angel Baby Aglaos, a female from our first litter, initiated our breeding possession.

In these days, a couple of Frenchies from our and other well-known kennels live with us. They mostly come from prestigious bloodlines and are pretty successful in shows. Puppies from our kennel live in various countries around the world, for example in Austria, United Kingdom, Finland, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Norway, Philippines, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, South Africa, Cyprus, Kyrgyzstan, Denmark, Italy, USA, Canada, Japan, Indonesia, Romania, Belarus, Latvia, Bulgaria or Colombia. We’re in long-term touch with most of new owners and are always happy to hear their dog friends are doing well. We proudly follow up successful show carrier of many of them and happily publish their snapshots and records at our website.

We put big emphasis on health of our dogs. Our Frenchies are tested for patellar luxation, hearth defects (Doppler) etc. by veterinarians specially licensed for these particular exams. We strive to breed not only nice and playful but above all healthy puppies. We don’t breed for quantity but for health and improvement of our beloved breed.

We’re in contact with many other breeders from the whole world.                                                                                           Jana was eight years a member of the board of Moravian-Silesian Bulldog-Mops Club MSBMK and worked as a Regional Breeding Advisor. Club MSBMK is member of the Czech association CMKU - member of FCI.


We hearty invite you to browse our website and we’d be happy if you enjoy it. You can visit us at Facebook as well. Would you have any question on our French bulldogs, puppies or breeding Frenchies at all, don’t hesitate to contact us.


       AGLAOS Kennel FCI reg´d, Czech Republic, Europe



Aglaos puppies live in many parts of the world...

Naše štěňata žijí v mnoha částech světa...

With my friend Alena - Action Alet Kennel (French bulldogs and Chihuahuas)

Wonderful panoramic pictures of Czech Castles and other beautiful antique buildings:

Krásné panoramatické fotografie českých hradů a zámků:


Virtual tours from the Prague´s towers

St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague

Panoramic pictures of wonderful chateau Hluboka

Karlstejn Castle

  Prachatice Panoramas

Lednice Castle

Tocnik Castle

Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary

5.10.2019 - Club Show KFB in Podebrady, Czech Republic, judge: Mrs Zd. Jilkova, CZ

ICH Yoro Del Gormo Action Alet - CAC, Best Male, Club Winner, Best of Breed and Best Dog of Czech Breeding (120 entries)

ICH Yoro Del Gormo Action Alet (aka Speedy) - 15.9.2019 - Club Show in Brno, CZ

CAC, Club Winner, Winner of Club Show, Best of Breed and Best in Show (102 french bulldogs, 147 dogs alltogether - frenchies, pugs and english bulldogs) - honorable judges: Mr P. Rehanek, CZ and T. Havelka, Slovakia

Ch Yoro Del Gormo Action Alet - CAC, BOB, Specialty Show Winner, BIG, BISS and Best in Show in Hlucin, CZ 11.5.2019

Judges: Mr. M. Biros (Specialty Show for French Bulldogs, English Bulldogs and Pugs), SK, Mr. D. Kuris (BIG), SK and Mrs O. Dolejsova (BIS), CZ

13.4.2019 - Austrian Club Show, honorable judge and breed specialist Mr Fred Peddie, Canada

CH Cheri Cheri Lady Aglaos - CACA, Club Winner, Best Female and Best op. Sex

25.2.2019 - National Show in Bratislava, Slovakia - judge: Mrs Vojtekova, SK, Z. Lozic, SRB

CH Yoro Del Gormo Action Alet (brindle) - CAC, Winner of Slovakia, Best of Breed and Vice Winner of IX.Group

What a wonderful day! Chesterfield Aglaos won CAC in Intermedia class (27 entries) on European Show in Poland!

Many thanks for recognize his quality goes to honorable and respectable breedspecialist Mr. D.A. v. Raamsdonk!

Many thanks to the owner Tatjana and great handler Alexander Timofeev!

20.5.2018 - Intern. Show in Litomerice, CZ - judge Mr A. Karban, CZ, BIS Mrs B. Ovesna, CZ
CAC, CAC CMKU, CACIB, Best of Breed, Best in Group V.

CH Yoro Del Gormo Action Alet

21. 4. 2018 - Austrian Club Show, judge Mrs I. Ehold, Austria
CACA, Best Male, Club Winner and Best of Breed

CH Yoro Del Gormo Action Alet

Nitradog Winner Cup 9.12.2017 - honorable judge: Mrs Chantal van Raamsdonk (Belgium) - CAC and CACIB, Best Adult Male Nitradog Slovakia Show - 10.12.2017 - honorable judge: Mr Dimitry A. van Raamsdonk (Belgium) - res. CAC and res. CACIB
So proud of this results and excellent critics from both breed specialists! Thank to both judges - this all made very special day for us!

CH Yoro Del Gormo Action Alet won 4th place in very strong intermedia class of 30 males!!

What a great show weekend in CACIB shows in Prague, CZ!!! "Speedy" won in a competition of 70 entries!

CH Yoro Del Gormo Action Alet

4.11.2017 -  CAC, CAC CMKU, Prague Winner, CACIB and BOB - judge: Mrs MVDr G. Ridarcikova, SK

5.11.2017 - CAC, CAC CMKU, Prague Winner, CACIB, BOB and BIG IV. - honorable judges: Mr T. Havelka, SK and Z. Lozic, Serbia

Very proud and happy of our handsome boy Speedy!!! :)

JCH Yoro Del Gormo Action Alet - 16.9.2017 - Club Show MSBMK (french bulldogs, englis bulldogs and pugs) - Brno, CZ, honorable judges: Mrs H. Ahrens, Austria and Mr D. A. van Raamsdonk, Belgium

CAJC, Best of Juniors, Best of Breed, Junior Club Winner, Best in Show

JCH Yoro Del Gormo Action Alet - 9.9.2017 - Club Show KFB - Zlonin, CZ, judge: Mrs H. Vojackova, CZ

CAJC, Best of Juniors, Best of Breed, Best Dog of Czech Breeding and Best Junior of Visitor Competition

Yoro Del Gormo Action Alet - CAJC, Best of Juniors, Best of Breed and Best in Group

- 16.7.2017 - Nat. Show in Mlada Boleslav, CZ, honorable judge Mrs. Mgr B. Ovesna, CZ

Yoro Del Gormo Action Alet - CAJC, Best of Juniors and Best in Group I.

- 21.5.2017 - Intern. Show in Litomerice, CZ, honorable judges Mr. A. Karban and BIG O. Vondrous, CZ

Yoro Del Gormo Action Alet

- 15.4.2017 - Austrian Club Show, Austria - Best Puppy Male and Best Puppy, judge: Mrs Ch. Raamsdonk, Belgium

So proud of our littermates Risha and Yola :)

Our many thanks goes not only to Risha and Yola but also to all judges for their recognizing of quality both dogs!

22. 10. 2016 - Our show dogs got this cups - dostali jsme v klubu poháry pro:

CH Roberta Lana Action Alet - TOP Female 2015

ICH San Simon Bulls Bolt - Club Champion

ICH Malina Darla Aglaos - Club Champion

so proud of them all! :)

25.6.2016 - Show in Wroclaw, Poland - judge: Mr. V. Belskij, UA

Y´Zachariel Aglaos - CAC, Best adult Male and Best of Breed

Yo-Lo Cache Aglaos - CAC and Best adult Female

19.6.2016 - Intercanis Intern. Show in Brno, CZ - judge: Mrs MVDr Ridarcikova, SK

Yo-Lo Cache Aglaos - CAC, CAC CMKU, CACIB and Best op. Sex

Yo-Lo Cache Aglaos - CAC, CAC CMKU, CACIB and Best of Breed - honorable judge Mr. P. Rehanek, CZ

Y´Zachariel Aglaos - CAC, res. CACIB

1.5.2016 - Intern. Show in Prague, CZ

Yo-Lo Cache Aglaos (brindle female)

CAC, CAC CMKU, National Winner and BOB - honorable judge: Mr Robert Kubes, CZ

-10.4.2016 - Nat. show in Ostrava, CZ

10. 1. 2016 - National Show in Brno, CZ - judge: Mr MVDr V. Piskay, SK and judge BIG - Mrs Z.Jilkova, CZ

JCH Yo-Lo Cache Aglaos - CAJC, BOJ, BOB and Best in Group IX. - II. place

20. 9. 2015 - National Show in Brno, CZ. judge: Mr Robert Kubeš, CZ

Yo-Lo Cache Aglaos (10 months aged) - CAJC (10 females in junior class), Best of Juniors and Best of Breed

5.9.2015 - Club Show in Brno, Czech Republic, judge Mr Iuza Beradze, CZ

CH Roberta Lana Action Alet - CAC, Club Winner, BOB and 2nd Best Dog (from english bulldogs, french bulldogs and pugs)- 108 entries

CH San Simon Bulls Bolt - CAC, Club Winner and Best op. Sex (60 entries)

Yo-Lo Cache Aglaos - excellent - 4th place (18 young females)

30.8.2015 - Intern. Show in Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic

Yo-Lo Cache Aglaos - CAJC and Best of Juniors (11 entries) and her mother CH Roberta Lana Action Alet - CAC, CACIB, Best Female, Best of Breed and both got also Nomination for CRUFTS 2016

judge: Mr MVDr Piskay, Slovakia

23.8.2015 - Intern. Show in Bratislava, Slovakia

CH Roberta Lana Action Alet - CAC, CACIB, Best Female and Best of Breed

judge: Mrs Anna Rogowska, Poland

CH Respect Aglaos - World Dog Show in Milano, Italy - 14. 6. 2015

This trophies got Aglaos Kennel at the Special show in Hlucin, CZ - 9.5.2015 for:

CH Roberta Lana Action Alet - CAC, Best Female, BOB and Special Show Winner

and Cups for TOP dogs 2014:

TOP male 2014 - CH San Simon Bulls Bolt

TOP 2nd male 2014 - CH Nocturne Mer Aglaos

TOP 3rd female 2014 - ICH Malina Darla Aglaos

CH Roberta Lana Action Alet - CAC, Best Female, BOB and Special Show Winner, judge: Mr Piskay, SK


JCH Roberta Lana Action Alet - CAC, CAC CMKU, National Winner and Best of Breed

28.9.2014 - judge Mr. A. Karban, CZ

JCH San Simon Bulls Bolt - CAC, Special Show KFB Winner and Best of Breed (101 french bulldogs)

31. 5. 2014 - Javorova skala, CZ - judge: Mrs Ilona Potuckova, CZ

CH Nocturne Mer Aglaos - European Dog Show in Geneve, Switzerland - 1. 9. 2014

At this show Kleos obtained title Interchampion!

Store Linde´s Kleos Le Regal - CAC, CAC CMKU, CACIB and BOB

14. 10. 2012 - Intern. Show in Ceske Budejovice, CZ - judge: Mrs. Rita REYNIERS, Belgium

CH Store Linde´s Kleos Le Regal - CAC, CAC CMKU, National Winner and BOB

30. 9. 2012 - National Dog Show in Brno, CZ - judge Mr. A. Karban, CZ

Best couple in Club Show KFB 9/2012

(CH Store Linde´s Kleos Le Regal - res. CAC - 4 entries- and Store Linde´s Rendola Chianti - CAJC -8 entries -

and Best Junior Female of visitor competition

Best couple in Club Show KFB 9/2011

(Store Linde´s Kleos Le Regal - res. CAC and Best male of visitor competition -

and A´Vigdors Embrassade d´Amitie)


Me - Jana - in Club Show KFB 9/2011 and judge Mrs. Brotankova, CZ

Ch A´Vigdors Embrassade d´Amitie - CAC, Club Winner


Our current "dog-show" car

By Sharan we were in many countries, also in France - it was very interesting trip there...


Dovolte, abychom se vám představili - jmenujeme se Jana a Josef. Bydlíme v České republice v malém městě v domě se zahradou.

Francouzské buldočky chováme od r. 2005. Prvniho jsme si pořídili jako kamaráda k  našim perským kočkám. Chovu perských koček se Jana věnovala celých 25 let. Chov. stanice Aglaos byla v r. 2000 Nejlepši chov. stanicí ČR, kocouři a kočky se umisťovali na nejvyšších příčkách v soutěžích.

K prvnímu psovi Apollovi alias Bobovi jsme koupili fenku. Od ní jsme si z prvního vrhu nechali dceru Angel Baby a už to pomalu jelo...

V dnešní době máme v naší chov. stanici několik psů a fen od velmi známých chovatelů, vesměs kvalitního původu a s úspěchy na výstavách.

Štěňata z naší chov. stanice žijí v různých zemích světa jako v Norsku, Švédsku, Finsku, Velké Británii, Německu, Belgii, USA, Kanadě, Švýcarsku, Rakousku, Slovensku, Rusku, Polsku, Jižní Africe, Filipínách, Španělsku, Kyrgyzstánu, Kypru, Dánsku, Itálii, Japonsku, Rumunsku, Indonézii, Bělorusi, Litvě, Bulharsku a Kolumbii. S mnoha majiteli jsme v kontaktu, dostáváme zprávy o tom, jak se jim žije s jejich psím kamarádem.

Naši psi jsou veterinárně kontrolováni na patellu a srdce (Doppler test) certifikovanými veter. lékaři. Chceme, aby Aglaos štěňata byla nejen krásná a hravá, ale i zdravá. Pokud je jejich majitelé vystavují na výstavách, uveřejňujeme i jejich fotky s výsledkem z výstavy.

Jana byla osm let členkou vedení klubu MSBMK - poradkyní pro Českou republiku. Klub spadá pod ČMKU - člena FCI.

Jsme v kontaktu s chovateli z mnoha zemí, snažíme se i my být v chovu a na výstavách dobří... :)


Budeme rádi, jestli se vám návštěva naší stránky bude líbit, virtuálně nás můžete navštívit i na facebooku.

Pokud vás bude cokoli zajímat, napište.


                 "AGLAOS" chov. stanice FCI



Ch. Indio Brown Aglaos - persian male - last champion male from our breeding... lives in Indonesia

Tento Ch Indio Brown Aglaos byl poslední šampion z našeho chovu, nyní žije v Indonesii.