Watson de La Coeur de La Mer

breeder/owner: K. Salaczi, Hungary

Champion of Montenegro, Adriatic, Mediteran, Balkan, GCH Montenegro, Romania, Club Winner, JCH RO, BOS, BOJ


Paris Moon Charisma - owner: M. Ferguson, Canada

multiple BOS and BOB


Obi Wan Aglaos - owners Satoshi and Hatsumi, Japan

Interchampion 2016

fulfilled conditions for Interchampion (2/2015)

Champion of Japan, multiple Best of Breed



Respect Aglaos - owner: A´Vigdors Kennel

22. 6. 2014 - Russian French Bulldog Club Specialty Championship CCCH Odintsovo:

- Class Winner, Jun. CCCH, Best junior in colour, new RFBC Club Junior Champion

- National All breed Championship Odintsovo: Class Winner, Jun. CAC, New Russian Junior Champion

1. 6. 2014 - National all Breed Championship in Moscow, Russia

Class Winner, Jun. CAC, Best Junior, Junior BIS-3

31. 5. 2014 - National All Breed Championship Dog Show - Class Winner, Jun. CAC, Best of Juniors, Best of Breed

31. 5. 2014 - RFBC Club Specialty Club Winner Championship Dog Show - pied colour: Class Winner, Jun. Club Winner, Best of Juniors, Junior BISS - 1

26. 1. 2014 - 2xClass Winner, 2x Best Baby in colour, 2x Best Baby, Baby BISS-1



Busher Pljus Tricky Girlie Lizzy - owner: Busher Pljus Kennel

Club Champion, Junior Champion, Best Junior Female, BOS



Luxe Legatus Aglaos - owner: A´Vigdors Kennel

7/2013 - Champion of Russia

3x Class Winner, Best male, CAC, BOS

Junior Champion of Russia

4x Junior CAC, 4x Best Junior, 2x BOB, Class Winner



La Scala Bella Aglaos - owner: Aglaos Kennel

Grand Junior Champion, Junior Champion BG

Class Winner, 3. Best Junior Female BIS, 4x CAJC, 3x BOJ Best of Juniors



Limited Edition Aglaos - owner: Albert Stern, South Africa

South African Champion, 3x Best Puppy, 5x RCC, 6x CC, 4x rBOB, 6x BOB, 4x Group, 2x CACIB, 2x JBIS, 2x BIS