NEWS 2020 - NOVINKY 2020


6.9.2020 - Club MSBMK Show in Zbraslav u Brna, CZ, Judge: Mrs D. Rozsypalova, CZ - 88 french bulldogs

Marathon Aglaos - CAJC and Best of Juniors (27 juniors)

Lobelia Aglaos - excellent 3 (16 females in intermedia class) - congratulations to owner Lucia Baloghova, SK!

Patchwork Polar Aglaos - picture was taken before he left to his new home - 5. 9. 2020

Marathon Aglaos aka Tony - 11 months aged, looks like adult male already...

What a wonderful time - first show after long "corona break" - 16. 8. 2020 - National Show in Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic, honorable judge: Mr. G. Robak, Poland (52 entries, 17 juniors)

Maraton Aglaos (aka Tony) - CAJC, Best of Juniors and Best of Breed

CH Emma Bertusiowa Dolina - CAC and National Winner - with it´s results she became Czech Champion

We are proud of results, especially Tony - these was his first steps in the show ring.. We are very pleased that the judge recognized the quality of our dogs...


Show must go on... at this time in Nitra, Slovakia - 17.7. - 19.7.2020

CH. Justina Aglaos and CH. Amor Makalmi (son of CH. Francesca Aglaos) - see their great show results! We are so proud of them both - our warm congratulations to Michal and Lukasz - also for M. Jasinska! Great job M. Dach and M. Grzelak!

CH. Justina Aglaos - 2x CAC, 2x CACIB, BOS

CH. Amor Makalmi - 2x CAC, 2x CACIB, BOB, res.CAC

At the time of the corona quarantine I remembered...

"CH" Litter tourned 3 years - we wish to all good luck, much health and love with their families! Our female Cheri and her brother Chesterfield (lives in Belarusia) are most show succesful from this litter :)

4. 4. 2020

30. 3. 2020 - I realized this picture that we have a bit of breeding effort and joy... Tony is the dog of our 4th generation (and therefore the five generations held by us). Let me therefore thank all those whom I greatly appreciate and thank them for their breeding work: Mr Revaz Khomasuridze - A´Vigdors, Mrs Anne-Marie Schmidt - Store Linde Kennel, Mrs Els Von van der Linden - Sprakling Pride Kennel, Hatsumi Harada and Sathoshi Fujiwara from Japan for possible use Obi Wan Aglaos for our breeding plan, Mrs Sandra Bakker - Bakervill´s Style, Mrs and Mr van Raamsdonk for their help and using Oh Boy for our breeding plan and at last but not least many thanks to my best friend and great breeder Alena Tvrzova - Action Alet Kennel!

Marathon Aglaos aka Tony - 5 months - more you can see HERE

24.1.2020 - Nitra Dog Cup, SK - honorable judge: Mr. P. F. Berchtold, Austria - CAC and CACIB and it was last CACIB needing for fulfilled all conditions for highest FCI title Interchampion! :)

Newton Bolt Aglaos - with new owner :) So happy with his new loving home :)

Matilda Aglaos and her new owner Eva from Bulgaria :)

Margot Sweet Aglaos - owner: Jamie, USA - lives in Poland


NEWS 2019 - NOVINKY 2019

Thank to all owners of Aglaos pupps for love giving them! We wish to all - known or unknown visitors all the BEST in 2020!

And Ladybird Aglaos - aka Kamila - made our end of 2019 so special - congratulations to her owner Lynn!

Iggy Aglaos - happy and just loving dog by his owners :) Sona and her daughters :)

Kleontine Aglaos 1,5 years with her owners - (ICH Yoro Del Gormo Action Alet x Jollyville Babette)

1. Newton Bolt Aglaos - male puppy available - HERE

2. Margot Sweet Aglaos - female puppy - more about puppy you can see HERE - RESERVED

Jaffar Aglaos (ICH Yoro Del Gormo Action Alet x GJCH La Scala Bella Aglaos ), owner: V. Bodunov, Russia

24. 11. 2019 - Bryansk, Russia - CAC, Best Male and Best op. Sex, Champion RKF

I found this sweet memory picture of some Aglaos puppy - this male is 5 years old at present :)

Nasla jsem fotku jednoho z nasich stenatek, zije v Polsku a dnes je mu pet let...

IGGY goes at home by train Pendolino... :) Thanks to owner Sona for loving Iggy so much... :) :)

Speedy got another champion title - at this time is new champion of Austria! :)

5.10.2019 - Club Show KFB in Podebrady, Czech Republic, judge: Mrs Zd. Jilkova, CZ

ICH Yoro Del Gormo Action Alet - CAC, Best Male, Club Winner, Best of Breed and Best Dog of Czech Breeding (120 entries)

Lobelia Aglaos - Best Puppy Female and Best Puppy - judge: Mr A.Polgar, SK, owner: L. Baloghova, SK

29.9.2019 - IHA Tulln, Austria - judge: Mrs H. Ahrens, Austria

ICH Yoro Del Gormo Action Alet - CAC, CACIB, Bundessieger and Best of Breed :) With this results Speedy became Austrian Champion!

20.-22.9.2019 - Arad, Romania - Club Show, 2x CACIB and 1x CAC Show

Emma Bertusiowa Dolina is new Champion of Romania

ICH Yoro Del Gormo Action Alet - new Grand Champion and Champion of Romania

On this picture is Yoro with judge Mr. F. Groshl, Hungary - CAC, CACIB and Best of Breed

ICH Yoro Del Gormo Action Alet (aka Speedy) - 15.9.2019 - Club Show in Brno, CZ

CAC, Club Winner, Winner of Club Show, Best of Breed and Best in Show (102 french bulldogs, 147 dogs alltogether - frenchies, pugs and english bulldogs) - honorable judges: Mr P. Rehanek, CZ and T. Havelka, Slovakia

Great news from Svetlana from Belarus show 17.8.2019!

All "pupps" are out of our ICH Yoro Del Gormo Action Alet - we are so proud of all and also of Svetlana´s great handling!!!

- National Show in Dubrovno, Belarus, judge: Mrs N. Lickovskaja, Belarus - Uitni Houston Vit´Assa - 9,5 months aged - JCAC, JBOB, BOB, BIG-2 and JBIS-2!!!

- Nat. Show in Dubrovno, Belarus, judge: Mr V. Fjodorov, Belarus - Uran Vit´Assa - 9,5 months aged - JCC, JBOB, BOS and JBIS-2!!!

- Nat. Show in Dubrovno, Belarus, judge: G. Strelkov, Belarus - Uran Vit´Assa - 9,5 months aged - JCAC, JBOB and BIS-3 Ursula Vit´Assa - 9,5 months aged - JCAC, Best Junior Female, JBIS-2

Congratulations to Svetlana for wonderful results!!!

Jekkyl Gormo Aglaos - aka Oliver - and his first show result :)

(Ch Yoro Del Gormo Action Alet x GJCh La Scala Bella Aglaos)

14.7.2019 - National Show in Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic, judge: Mr R. First, Poland

CH Cheri Cheri Lady Aglaos - CAC (Winner Class), Julie Venora Aglaos - excellent 3rd (Junior Class)

Justina Aglaos

- 4.8.2019 - Intern. Show in Zakopane, Poland - judge: Mr. A. Szutkiewicz, Poland - CAJC, Junior Winner and with this result is Justina new Junior Champion of Poland!!!

- 13.7.2019 - National Dog Show Nowy Targ, Poland

 - CAJC, Junior Winner and Best op. Sex, judge: Mrs M. Supronowicz, Poland, owner: Mr L. Kosmala, M. Sobczyk, Poland - Congratulations!!!! :)

Justina Aglaos - new Grand Junior Champion and Junior Champion of MNE - a lot of our congratulations to her owners

L. Kosmala, M. Sobczyk, Poland

Zeta Cup 2019, Danilovgrad, MNE -  29-30.06.2019

International Dog Show Danilovgrad 1 (CACIB), 29.06.2019

Junior Winner, Best Junior in Breed, Best of Breed
JUNIOR BEST IN SHOW 2nd place, Junior Winner

See our new born puppies - HERE

15.6.2019 - Europeand Show in Wels, Austria

multiCh Chesterfield Aglaos - owner: T. Domanova, Belarus, handler: A. Timofeev, Belarus - thank you for amazing care and handling! :)

CACA - open class (22 entries)

congratulations!!! So proud of you! It is second time Chesterfield won class on European show! In 2018 it was in Warszaw, Poland and now in Wels, Austria!



Our pupps open eyes - you can see them HERE

Naši malí otevřeli očička... - zde je můžete vidět

Jaffar Aglaos - owner: Vladimir Bodunov, Russia - Congratulations! :)

(Ch Yoro Del Gormo Action Alet x GJCH La Scala Bella Aglaos)

8. 6. 2019 Show in Romaschkino, Russia - CAJC, BOJ, Best Male and Best op. Sex

28.5.201- New born pupps :)

 Chesterfield Aglaos - 19.5.2019 - Intern. Show "Pskov Frontier", Russia, judge: Mr. S. Kelveri-Philippou, Cyprus

Jaffar Aglaos - 12.5.2019 - Regional Show in Orel, Russia - CW, JCAC and Best Male

Regional Show "Orlovskoje polesje" - JCAC and Best Male

Congratulations to Jaffar´s owners Elena and Vladimir Bodunov, Russia!!!

Ch Yoro Del Gormo Action Alet - CAC, BOB, Specialty Show Winner, BIG, BISS and Best in Show in Hlucin, CZ 11.5.2019

Judges: Mr. M. Biros (Specialty Show for French Bulldogs, English Bulldogs and Pugs), SK, Mr. D. Kuris (BIG), SK and Mrs O. Dolejsova (BIS), CZ

21.4.2019 - Prague Expo Dog - Intern. Show in Prague, Czech Republic, judge: Mrs L. Reinelt-Gebauer, Germany

 CH Yoro Del Gormo Action Alet - CAC, CACIB, Prague Winner and Best of Breed

CH Cheri Cheri Lady Aglaos - CAC

20.4.2019 - Specialty Show in Dunajsky Klatov, Slovakia - judge: Mr F. Groeschl, Hungary

CH Yoro Del Gormo Action Alet - CAC, CH Cheri Cheri Lady Aglaos - Excellent 2nd, res. CAC

15.4.2019 - Intern. Show in Ceske Budejovice, CZ, honorable judge: Mr R. Kubes, CZ

Ch Cheri Cheri Lady Aglaos - CAC, CACIB and Best op. Sex, Ch Yoro Del Gormo Action Alet - CAC

13.4.2019 - Club Show in Austria (70 entries), honorable judge and breed specialist Mr Fred Peddie, Canada

Ch Cheri Cheri Lady Aglaos - CACA, Best Female, Club Winner, Best op. Sex

Ch Yoro Del Gormo Action Alet - CACA (Champion Class)

So proud of our Cheri - she is not nice only with great show results but also with excellent health tests! The same is her brother Chesterfield Aglaos - owned by T. Domanova :)

24.3.2019 - National Show in Zielona Gora, Poland, judge: Mr Gerard Cox, Ireland

Justina Aglaos  - at 9 months got Excellent 1/4, CAJC, Junior Winner, Bet Junior in Breeed

Congratulations to owners Michal Sobczyk and Lukasz Kosmala, Poland!!!

25.2.2019 - National Show in Bratislava, Slovakia - judge: Mrs Vojtekova, SK, Z. Lozic, SRB

CH Yoro Del Gormo Action Alet (brindle) - CAC, Winner of Slovakia, Best of Breed and Vice Winner of IX.Group

CH Cheri Cheri Lady Aglaos - CAC

We are so proud of Chesterfield Aglaos aka "Fil"! :) Only 21 months aged and winner of many shows... Jsme opravdu hrdi na Chesterfielda, ve veku 21 mesicu a ma na konte tolik vyher...

Emma Bertusiowa Dolina - got also great show results - two times Excellent, res. CAC and one time Excellent 3rd place

Some of our lovely frenchies... from the left side: Julie Venora Aglaos, her father Yoro Del Gormo Action Alet and Emma Bertusiowa Dolina :)

Nedavno jsem absolvovali nase prvni foceni v atelieru pani Markety Sousedikove - klobouk dolu nad jeji trpelivosti a vstricnosti... :)Zleva: Julie, jeji papa Speedy a "sladka" Emma... :)

Our junior female Julie Venora Aglaos - 6,5 months



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