Gratulacje wlascicielom! Congratulations to the owners to Poland! :)

22.5.2016 - Intern. Show in Rzeszow, Poland - honorable judge: Jean-Francois Vanaken, Belgium

Wassago Nuberun Aglaos - CAC - owner T. Olejko, Poland

Congratulations! Gratulacje Tamara! :)

22.5.2016 - Special Show KFB Club in Roudna, CZ, judge: Mrs I. Potuckova, CZ (121 entries)

Dekujeme pani rozhodci za uznani kvality nasich psu!

JCH Yo-Lo Cache Aglaos – CAC

JCH Y´Zachariel Aglaos – CAC

Conan Doyle Aglaos – very promissing 2nd place (6 months)

We were over thee moon and back today J It was really great day with our friends...

It was first show and Conan did it very well - good boy :)

Paris Moon Charisma (ICH Store Linde´s Kleos Le Regal x Can.Ch.Ola la Punkt Widzenia)

16. 5. 2016 - CKOC, Canada - Judge Joe Lobb - Best of Breed!!! :)

So proud of Kleos offspring! - congratulations to breeder Renata Dabrowski and owner Marlen e Ferguson, Canada

Yo-Lo Cache Aglaos - CAC, CAC CMKU, CACIB and Best of Breed - honorable judge Mr. P. Rehanek, CZ

Y´Zachariel Aglaos - CAC, res. CACIB

1.5.2016 - Intern. Show in Prague, CZ

16.4.2016 - Chihuahua Club Show in the Castle Loucen, Czech Republic

Honorable judge Mr Jose M. Doval, Spain and steward team in the ring - Dana, Michala and me (from the right side)

We spent nice day together in the wonderful place in the Castle Loucen :)

Unforgettable show weekend :)

Yo-Lo Cache Aglaos - CAC, CAC CMKU, National Winner and Best of Breed

10.4.2016 - National Show in Ostrava, CZ - honorable judge: Mr R. Kubes, CZ

Yo-Lo Cache Aglaos - CAC (intermedia class)

9.4.2016 - Special Show in Dunajsky Klatov, Slovakia - honorable judge Mr Revaz Khomasuridze, Russia

Y´Zachariel Aglaos - CAC (intermedia class)

9.4.2016 - Special Show in Dunajsky Klatov, Slovakia - honorable judge Mr Revaz Khomasuridze, Russia

Our dogs was first time judged by breed specialist Mr Revaz Khomasuridze - it was really great meeting...

Very special boy Kleo turned 6th Birthday! Must say all time we are very proud of him and his offspring -

champions or not champions - all pupps over the world gives us much happiness :)

Kleosovi je sest let -jsme velmi hrdi na nej i jeho potomky po celem svete - at jsou sampioni nebo ne - vsichni nam davaji hodne radosti :)

Great news from Canada! Congratulations Renata - we are so proud of Bona! :)

5.3.2016 - Intern. show in Drzonkow, Poland - judge: Mr L. Jancik, CZ

At this show was 104 french bulldog entries - it was biggest International show competition in the last years...

Winie Lilith Aglaos - owner: Mr Juzwicki Cesary, Poland

CAC - National show and excellent 3 - Intern. show (22 entries in open class)

JCH Yo-Lo Cache Aglaos - excellent 3rd place (18 entries in intermedia class)

Very happy and proud of our dogs :)

Rischa and Iola (behind him...) :) in the training time

Trenujici Risa s Jolou

Congratulations Hatsumi and Satoshi! Great! :)

So proud of Bona - Kleos daughter :)

Eveline is SOLD

Gipsy King De La Libera Del Duero

(father: Robobul Yagrumo x mother: Rosemary Aglaos)

Champion of the Champions and President Cup in Budapest, Hungary - January 2016

got 2nd place at only 9 months and competing with many adult champions! :)

Congratulations to breeder, owner and handler for great showing him! :)

29.11.2015 - CH Nocturne Mer Aglaos - next champion title - new Champion of National Club of French Bulldogs in Russia

Thank you Veronika Yakushina! So proud of you! :)