May 2016 - December 2017


Intern. Shows in Nitra, Slovakia:

Nitradog Winner Cup 9.12.2017 - honorable judge: Mrs Chantal van Raamsdonk (Belgium) - CAC and CACIB, Best Adult Male

Nitradog Slovakia Show - 10.12.2017 - honorable judge: Mr Dimitry A. van Raamsdonk (Belgium) - res. CAC and res. CACIB

So proud of this results and excellent critics from both breed specialists! Thank to both judges - this all made very special day for us!

Our hearts are broken...

CACIB Shows in Kielce, Poland:

***24.11.2017 - honorable judge: Mr. P. Lovaglio, Italy (98 entries): CH Yoro Del Gormo Action Alet - CAC, res. CACIB

***25.11.2017 - honorable judge: Mr. G. Gladic, Serbia (89 entries): CH Yoro Del Gormo Action Alet - CAC, CACIB, Best Male and Best op. Sex

CH Yo-Lo Cache Aglaos - CAC and with this result is new Polish Champion!

Eveline Aglaos

25.11.2017 - Kaliningrad, Russia - Dog Show FCI - RKF "Amber Autumn 2017", judge: Mr Zoran Roknic, Serbia

CAC, Best Female, Best op. Sex

new Champion RKF

Congratulations to my dear friend Olga Iunusova - La Furyia Roha Kennel (Poland)!!!!

What a wonderful day!

CH Yoro Del Gormo Action Alet won 4th place in very strong intermedia class of 23 males!! Many thanks goes to honorable judge Mr Hans Van Den Berg (Netherlands) for recognise quality of our "Speedy"...

Many thanks goes to all supporting us in the show ring and also many many thanks to all who crossed their fingers on-line and sent us positive mood! Manty thanks to you all for your messages and greetings from many countries over the world!!!

And many thanks to breeder and my friend (in good and also bad times) Alena Tvrzova for this increible male!!

CH Yoro Del Gormo Action Alet - umistil se na nadhernem ctvrtem miste ve velmi silne obsazene mezitride 30 pejsku!!! Mnoho diku panu rozhodcimu za oceneni kvalit Speedyho!! Mnoho diku za podporu u vystavniho kruhu a mnoho diku vsem, kdo nam drzeli palce on-line a posilali pozitivni energii :) Hodne diku vam za zpravy a pozdravy z mnoha koutu sveta!!! A v neposledni rade tisicero diku pro me velice dulezitemu cloveku - kamaradce Alene Tvrzove za tohoto neuveritelneho psiho kamose, ktery opet "nezklamal" a mel chut se predvest...

Video - World Dog Show in Leipzig, Germany  10. 11. 2017, honorable judge: Mr Hans Van Den Berg, Netherlands, Intermedia class - 23 males

Our male CH Yoro Del Gormo Action Alet (aka Speedy) - at start first male from the left, handling by myself...

"Speedy" won 4th place in very strong intermedia class of 23 males!!


Eveline Aglaos - excellent - was is short list 10 females in open class under judge-specialist Mr Alexander Van Raamsdonk, Belgium

BIG congratulations to owner and my friend Olga Iunusova, Poland!!!

What a great show weekend in CACIB shows in Prague, CZ!!! "Speedy" won in a competition of 70 entries!

4.11.2017 -  CAC, CAC CMKU, Prague Winner, CACIB and BOB - judge: Mrs MVDr G. Ridarcikova, SK

5.11.2017 - CAC, CAC CMKU, Prague Winner, CACIB, BOB and BIG IV. - honorable judges: Mr T. Havelka, SK and Z. Lozic, Serbia

Very proud and happy of our handsome boy Speedy!!! :)

29.10.2017 - Bulldog Club Show in Riga, Latvia, honorable judge Mr. Iuza Beradze, CZ (34 frenchies)

Chardonnet Aglaos - 1st place in puppy class, BOB Puppy

Congratulations to Nadezda Fomichova!

Great time in sunny Montenegro with great friends :)

Yola fullfilled conditions for INTERCHAMPION - very proud of her and also for Speedy boy :)

ICH Roberta Lana Action Alet and her daughter CH Yo-Lo Cache Aglaos (in the right)

16.9.2017 - Club Show MSBMK (french bulldogs, english bulldogs and pugs) in Brno, Czech Republic, honorable judges: Mr D.A. van Raamsdonk, Belgium and Mrs H. Aherns, Austria

JCH Yoro Del Gormo Action Alet - CAJC, Best of Juniors, Best of Breed, Junior Club Winner, Best in Show

Many thanks to all around us for support, many thanks to judges for recognizing quality our "Speedy" boy :)

Photo by Honza Bendl

21.5.2017 - Intern. Show in Litomerice, CZ, honorable judges Mr. A. Karban and BIG O. Vondrous, CZ

Yoro Del Gormo Action Alet - CAJC, Best of Juniors and Best in Group I.

9.5.2017 - So proud to can introduce great show result which made us so happy!!! Thank you so much Revaz and Maria!!

Photo by Boris Glukharev

So proud of Reduta´s Aglaos offspring - Urban won two times Best Puppy III.! Congratulations to Viktorija Tursunova!

15.4.2017 - Austrian Club Show, Austria

Speedy - Best Puppy Male and Best Puppy, honorable judge: breed specialist Mrs Ch. Raamsdonk

So proud of wonderful judge judgement! Thanks very much to the judge Mrs Raamsdonk!

9.4.2017 - National Show in Ostrava, CZ - Very promissing 1., judge: Mr. R. Kubes, CZ

Our Hobbit (sorry, no available)

Aglaos new generation :) - (sorry, puppy is no available)

Our junior male Yodo Del Gormo Action Alet at his first show in Brno  8. January 2017

Very Promissing I., Best Minor Puppy and Best in Show Minor Puppy

A statistics of 2016 show year for Aglaos kennel - Par cisel jako shrnuti vystavniho roku 2016

4.12.2016 - National Show in Swiebodzice, Poland - judge Mr. A. Stepinski, Poland

Yo-Lo Cache Aglaos - CAC (open class)

Francesca Aglaos - Very promissing 1st place (puppy class) - Best puppy female

owner: Mrs. M. Jasińska, Poland - CONGRATULATIONS! :)

11/2016 - One of Kleos offspring in Canada - jedna z Kleošových dcer v Kanadě ...

Our new baby boy is 4 months :) Náš Speedy už má 4 měsíce :)

22. 10. 2016 - Our show dogs got this cups - dostali jsme v klubu poháry pro:

CH Roberta Lana Action Alet - TOP Female 2015

ICH San Simon Bulls Bolt - Club Champion

ICH Malina Darla Aglaos - Club Champion

so proud of them all! :)

At this days turned Aglaos "Y" Litter 2 years... we wish to all and their owners ALL the BEST!!

Náš vrh "Y" v těchto dnech bude mít dva roky - všem i jejich majitelům přejeme jen to nejlepší a hodně zdraví!!!

Congratulations to Dee-Dee Aglaos, owner: S. Kolaczek Germany

(ICH San Simon Bulls Bolt x ICH Malina Darla Aglaos)

* German Club Youth Winner

September 2016, IKFB Club Winner Show in Kassel, Germany

judge: Mr. James Williams, NL

* 15. 10. 2016 - Show in Dortmund, Germany

excellent 4, judge Mr. Dr. W. Pepper, Germany

Other Bolt´s offspring won :) - další Boltikův potomek uspěl na výstavě...

Gratulujeme Marku!

Other our Bolt offspring and its first show steps in the ring... congratulations goes to the far Romania! :)

Congratulations goes to Ariane Jamar, Belgium for this great success! Congratulations :) so proud of you both!!!

10.9.2016 - Club Show MSMBK in Brno, CZ - Yo-Lo Cache Aglaos - CAC in Winner Class

judge: Mr D. Paunović, Serbia

Thank so much for recognizing the quality of our Yola! :)

We cannot say how happy and proud we are to can keep Kleos, Ema and Roberta!

Thanks goes to Anne-Marie, Revaz and Alena! :)

Many thanks to Hatsumi and Satoshi to can breed Obi! Now we have our new Aglaos generation - littermates Yola and Risha...

Respect Aglaos

13.8.2016 - Intern. dog show in Velikiy Novgorod, Russia, judge Mrs O. Kosareva, RU


Congratulations to other show win Revaz and Maria! :)


(ICH San Simon Bulls Bolt x CH Store Linde´s Rendola Chianti)

So proud of Quintus! Congratulations to owners Claus and Claudia from Germany!

25.6.2016 - IX. group Show in Wroclaw, Poland - honorable judge Mr Vitalij Belskij, UA

Y´Zachariel Aglaos - CAC, Best adult Male and Best of Breed

Yo-Lo Cache Aglaos - CAC and Best adult Female

26.6.2016 - National show in Jelenia Gora, Poland - honorable judge Mr G. Robak, PL

Y´Zachariel Aglaos - CAC, Best adult Male and Best op. Sex

19.6.2016 - Intercanis Intern. Show in Brno, CZ - honorable judge: Mrs MVDr G. Ridarcikova, SK

Yo-Lo Cache Aglaos - CAC, CAC CMKU, CACIB and Best op. Sex

Y´Zachariel Aglaos - CAC and res. CACIB

So happy of our littermates again! :)


4.6.2016 - National Show in Swiebodzice, Poland, honorable judge: Mr R. First, Poland

Y´Zachariel Aglaos - CAC, Best Male and Best op. Sex

Yo-Lo Cache Aglaos - CAC and Best Adult Female

Let us show you Aglaos new generation  :) This puppy is reserved...

At this spring time - in May 2016 - we have great chance to send many thanks to all Aglaos frenchies owners over the world for their love, care and also showing them! Congratulations again to all Aglaos Champions!

Při příležitosti 10. výročí založení chov. stanice Aglaos chceme opět poděkovat všem majitelům buldočků z naší chov. stanice po celém světě za jejich lásku, péči a za výborné výstavní úspěchy! Ještě jednou gratulujeme všem šampionům z chov. stanice Aglaos!