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 Updated: 3  4. 2020

- Jaffar Aglaos - new russian Champion

- Cheri is new Slovak champion and fulfilled conditions for Interchampion!!!

- some of pupps went to their new homes...

- our Kleos fly over the rainbow...

- Ladybird Aglaos - Best Puppy and BOB in UK club show :)

- Jaffar Aglaos - CAC, Best Male and BOS in Bryansk, Russia! :)

- Speedy is new Champion of Austria! :)

- Speedy did it again! Won CAC, Club Winner, BOB and Best Dog of Czech breeding and Lobelia Aglaos was Best Puppy Female and Best Puppy

- Speedy won in IHA Tulln, Austria CAC, CACIB, Bundessieger and BOB and became Austrian Champion!